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Dutch Travel and Lifestyle Photographer and blogger from the Netherlands.
On social media as @fokkebok we travel as a couple around the world with our camera. 
I started photographing when I was 12 with a small vintage camera, which I bring on vacations and fishing trips. Later on, I stopped photographing for a while but when mobile phones came out with cameras, my interest in photographing did grow again.
So I started photographing again and bought a decent DSLR, posted my pics on social media, and one year later I started to license my photos online.

I like to see new things, new people, landscapes, and food and explore things around us.
We always look for the wow factor in pictures, when you ride in your car in the mountains it always fascinates me, the power of nature the colors, and the changing seasons the sunrises and sunsets that's what I love about photographing It push you to go out and explore.

Photography can defeat time. Images can keep the memory of a loved one alive, hold a moment in history for future generations, and be a witness to tragedy or joy.
They can also change behavior, stimulate understanding, and create a sense of urgency that moves people to action. Photography is the universal language that speaks to the heart.

Working together:
For Brands, Travel companies, and Tourism boards, we love to work together.
We have had multiple collaborations before, we worked with 5-star hotels but also with small Boutique hotels, BB, Tourism Boards, Travel Brands,  Lifestyle brands, and Fashion brands.

On our Blog and social media, channels we can create content to promote your brand.​
  • Create Social media content 
  • High-resolution photos for your website, magazine, or advertising 
  • Unique photos of your property
  • Drone footage

Living in the digital age means the travel journey starts online.
Travel companies must sell the digital experience before the real adventure begins.
From media publications to businesses offering hospitality or experiences, I help travel brands attract audiences and customers with authentic, compelling, wanderlust content.
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