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Most beautiful beaches around Pattaya Thailand and where to stay

Ban Amphur Beach

Pattaya is not as beautiful as Southern Thailand but has some beautiful beaches and tropical islands. In this blog, I will tell you everything about the most beautiful beaches around Pattaya and where to stay. At just 150km from Thailand’s capital city Bangkok, Pattaya is a popular destination for those who want to see some of Thailand’s coastal delights while still enjoying all the trappings of a big city. Although the beaches may not be as famous as Maya Bay, they’re still beautiful and have a lot more activities compared to some beaches in the south of the country. Here are the beaches you should check out on your travels through Pattaya.

Pattaya Thailand

Wong Amat Beach North Pattaya

Wong Amat is one of the better beaches in the area, and some very classy 5-star hotels have popped up around it in the last few years. One of the cleanest and best beaches in Pattaya is Wong Amat Beach. Sitting nest together on the northern side of Pattaya beach, this beach is very popular among visitors, who are traveling with family, that is, it is an ideal family vacation location. Dwell in the aura of the azure sea, while your kids play in the sand and have the time of their life. It is very safe for kids.


The ideal picnic locale is arguably one of the top beaches in Pattaya. Wong Amat is not very crowded; you can enjoy a quiet and placid view without getting interrupted by others. A great option for those visitors who want to relax, away from all the loud city life and parties. You can also do several water sports as well as fishing at the Rocky outcrop. Have a romantic walk in the evening and stop by one of the top restaurants in Pattaya

Wong Amat Beach

Na Jomtien between the Marina and the Glasshouse

My favorite beach is Na Jomtien between the Marina and the restaurant the Glasshouse, here you can make beautiful walks for hours in the morning or afternoon. The sand is soft and it's mostly visited by Thais during the weekend. Some beautiful hotels popped up here too in the last few years and one of the best restaurants can find here, are The Glasshouse and the Cave, and funny beach clubs like TuTu beach and Demon-Dayz Beach Club. You can park on the way by the Ambassador hotel or Vier mare restaurant or the Glasshouse. The beach is separated by a small canal which splits it in two parts be sure to check out both sides of the beaches

Na Jomtien beach, Marina side Pattaaya

Ban Amphur Beach

Bang Amphur Beach is one of the most romantic beaches in Pattaya and is a must-visit during a vacation in Pattaya Thailand. It boasts plush green coastal vegetation, sizzling sand, and a scenic shoreline with palm trees. The beach is still unobscured because sellers are not allowed to reserve areas to make tables that will obscure the beautiful view, but recently there pop up some in the evening on the beach but small. We did dinner there during sunset and it was perfect. Tourists like to play in the water, ride scooters, and do other water activities. It is the perfect beach for recreation. There are also restaurants and shops around the beach to serve the tourists. It is considered to be one of the interesting tourist attractions of Pattaya.

Ban Amphur Beach

Bangsaray beach

Located near a pleasantly quaint Thai fishing town, this sandy beach has a local feel with fishing piers nearby and a lack of some of the more lively aspects of the other beaches in Pattaya but many good restaurants and coffee shops nearby. Bang Saray has a very local feel, and even in the peak season, you are more likely to see fishermen and local families than foreign tourists. If you like quiet rural beaches with powdery sand, this is the place for you. You'll also find fresh seafood served up at the small restaurants around the beach's piers, which draw locals and ex-pats from all over the Chon Buri province.

Bangsaray Beach

Dong Tan Beach

Located north of Jomtien Beach, Dongtan is the quietest beach in Pattaya city. It is about a 1.5 km long strip of golden sand backed by palm trees. This scenic beach is perfect for swimming, sailing, and fishing. Dong Tan is also famous for watersports like jet skiing and banana boating and has several Thai body massage parlors on the shore. There is a special gay section on the beach itself. The otherwise serene beach gets busy in the afternoon during weekends.

Dong Tan Beach

Sai Kaew Beach Bangsaray

Just a half-hour drive, about 20 kilometers south of Pattaya lies one of the most perfect beaches you could imagine. Sai Kaew Beach, also known as “The Navy Beach” has everything a beach lover could wish for. Sai Kaew Beach nestles in a tranquil tree-lined bay with a wonderfully picturesque mountain backdrop

Visitors should be aware that in return for the upkeep, a modest entry fee is charged to enter Sai Kaew beach.

The beach has become increasingly popular in recent years as word has spread of the beautiful coral reefs, tall palm trees, and kilometers of white sand that keep Thais and foreigners coming again and again. Sai Kaew beach also has some delightful food, although sold at a slight premium compared to other beaches in Thailand.

  • Sai Kaew beach opening times: The beach is open to the public between 6 AM and 8PM.

  • Sai Kaew beach admission fees: 100 baht for foreigners, 50 baht for Thais, 10 baht for children.

  • Best time to visit Sai Kaew beach: Go on a weekday to avoid the crowds.

Getting to Sai Kaew beach: Use the map for directions. Sai Kaew Beach is inside the Chumpol Naval School and is administered and maintained by the Royal Thai Navy. A few meters inside the entrance road you will arrive at a manned checkpoint where you will be asked where you are going. Once you tell them you are going to Sai Keaw beach they will direct you to a kiosk where you will be asked to leave your passport or ID. You will then be handed a pass, which you display on your windscreen, and you collect your passport when you leave. Follow the directions on the map to the taxi rank and admission payment kiosk. On weekdays (except holidays) you can drive to the beach and park, on weekends you must park your car and then take the shuttle to the beach.

Get directions with this Google map of Saikaew Navy Beach Sattahip.

Things to Do: Sai Kaew beach is a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. You can also rent a kayak or paddleboard and explore the calm waters. Nearby attractions include the Wat Yan temple, the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, and the Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark.

There are several restaurants and cafes along the beach where you can enjoy a meal or a drink while taking in the sea views.

Sai Kaew Beach Bangsaray

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach is about a three-four-kilometer stretch-lined white beach with palm trees with various hotels, restaurants, and shops. Each part of this beach offers different vibes, so if you are looking for a calmer stretch, you can head to the northern end for relaxation. Meanwhile, it is also known for water sports such as parasailing, jet skis, and more, while it lights up at night as a party hotspot.

Pattaya beach

Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach is not too far away from Pattaya Beach. It is only two kilometers away. This six-kilometer beach in Pattaya is lined with the scenic view of palm trees, while it offers a quieter atmosphere to relax. There are also restaurants as well as seafood vendors that offer a delicious, fresh treat. To top it off, it also hosts water sports similar to Pattaya Beach - this includes parasailing, kitesurfing, and more.

Jomtien Beach

Cosy Beach

If you are looking for something more secluded, Cosy Beach is a small beach between Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach. This quiet beach offers hotel stays, as well as eateries and bars that are considered less happening than Pattaya or Jomtien Beach, making it a perfect spot for a quiet afternoon to unwind. It is also relatively family-friendly. One of the smallest beaches in Pattaya, Cosy Beach is nestled in a tranquil little bay between Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach.

A favorite with the locals and ex-pats alike, it is one of the quietest beaches in the area. Cosy Beach has all the amenities of the other beaches in Pattaya, such as hotels, bars, and restaurants, but on a much smaller scale and with a more relaxed feel. It is best for single travelers, couples, and families.

Cosy Beach

Koh Larn Beach

Also known as Coral Island, Koh Larn is nestled away from Pattaya - you can only reach this beach in Pattaya with a 15-minute speedboat ride or a 30-minute ferry. Just head over to Bali Hai Pier (just a few minutes from Walking Street) and you can purchase a ticket to take you to the island. There, you’ll be able to snorkel and view the sea life under the gorgeous clear blue waters, take a boat out for a trip around the island, or just rest and relax. Koh Larn, also known as Ko Lan or Coral Island, is located just 7 km (4 miles) off the coast of South Pattaya.

Koh Larn is a tropical paradise, with clear turquoise waters and quiet hidden beaches that are extremely popular with day-trippers from Pattaya.

There are six main beaches on the island, and each has a different feel to it. There are several coffee shops, bars, and restaurants on Koh Larn as well as a fresh market and a 24-hour 7-11 store. If you are heading over to the island, consider staying overnight as the day-trippers usually leave by evening, and you'll have the island all to yourself.

Koh Larn

Naklua Beach

If you want a slice of 'Ideal Thailand, then Naklua Beach is for you. Local fishermen share this beach, and you can see them all along the day, plying their trade in the water or by the dock. The rustic beauty of the beach is heavenly, and you will find that the beach's horizon is dotted with fishing traps. Naklua Beach is less in terms of water sports but covers it up with alluring views. Chilling on sun loungers under the sun, and swimming are two activities that will give you the utmost splendid relaxation. Naklua Beach is secluded and well-kept and is a perfect getaway, for the ones who want to have a chilled-out time away from the hustle of the main town. Naklua Beach has located around 9 km (5 miles) north of Pattaya Beach. Nestled in a residential part of the town, the beach is distant from the excitement of the city and offers a slightly more secluded feel, while still having enough activities and amenities to keep you entertained. The area's main attraction is the famous Sanctuary of Truth, which is a temple hard-carved entirely in teak. The construction of the temple began in 1981, and it has been an ongoing task ever since.

This is because the wood used to build the temple is untreated and eventually rots in the tropical climate. The constant maintenance work that is required is said to be a representation of never-ending human development.

Naklua beach

Where to stay

Renaissance Pattaya

Five-star service, several dining options, and modern facilities await guests at Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa. The hotel offers guests a relaxing time with two outdoor swimming pools, a kids' pool, and a kids' club. Settled on one of the most private beaches in Pattaya Ban Amphur beach with a small fishing town next door.

Renaissance Pattaya

Arbour Hotel Pattaya

Pampered yourself with luxury and some of the best food in this 5-star hotel with the best views over Pattaya and an incredibly beautiful rooftop pool included with a beach terrace. The hotel is located just minutes from the beach, entertainment centers, and shopping malls Book Now

Arbour hotel

Hotel Amber Pattaya

Perfect location to explore the nightlife of Soi Buakhao famous for its many restaurants, bar, and live music. The hotel is just 2 minute walk from the street but far away from the noise as it's a side street with not much traffic.

We love this place as its so central and if you're a beach lover that's also not too far away, also the big shopping malls are all within walking distance or take the bath bus if you are not much of a walker

Explore Pattaya's hotspot for holiday fun and nightlife excitement at Hotel Amber Pattaya with Hot Deal starting from THB 1,105 net per night

Amber Hotel Pattaya

Courtyard by Marriot

This property is 5 minute's walk from the beach. Located in Pattaya North, 400 m from Pattaya Beach, Courtyard by Marriott North Pattaya provides accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, an outdoor swimming pool, and a fitness center. This 4-star hotel offers a kids' club

Courtyard by Marriot

Chivani Pattaya

Classic Tuscany pool villas, great for families or friends. Luxury 3 Bedrooms with private pool, elegantly decorated with a shower bathroom with classic Tuscan beam ceilings. large terrace with a private pool.10 minutes to the beach The 4-star villa is within close proximity of Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden and Bang Saray Beach.