How to visit Samet Nangshe Viewpoint the most beautiful panoramic view over Phangnga Bay

Considered one of the most beautiful places in Phang Nga, Thailand. Samet Nangshe Viewpoint offers stunning 180-degree views overlooking Phang Nga Bay and its hundreds of fantastic, limestone formations and small islands with limestone cliffs rising from the clear, blue waters to form the magical archipelago of Phang Nga.

Phang Nga Bay lies between southern Thailand’s mainland and Phuket Island. Also known as Ao Phang Nga National Park, it’s characterized by limestone cliffs and rock formations, as well as mangrove forests and small islands.

Photographers from around the world spend days in order to get the perfect photo of the spectacular sunrises seen from Samet Nangshe Viewpoint, which faces due east. Even at night, the views are amazing and as there is no light pollution, the Milky Way and many constellations are brilliant. Phang Nga Bay achieved world fame in the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun. Phang Nga province is quieter than Phuket and more rural with untouched fishing villages and secluded beaches. The limestone islands that are so spectacular from Samet Nangshe Viewpoint are riddled with caves

You have 3 beautiful viewpoints at Phangnga Bay:

  1. Sameth Nangshe Boutique hotel with a cafe

  2. Sameth Nangshe viewpoint

  3. Ao Tho Li viewpoint

Ao Tho Li viewpoint you can ride up by yourself and above there is a small restaurant and camping place. Here you can also stay overnight in a tent, bamboo hut or a small room with a fan. The room with the fan was 500 bath and the room with aircon 800 bath. It's a decent option if you can`t effort the Samhetnangse boutique hotel and you want to watch the sunrise in the early morning at this viewpoint or another nearby. Spectacular panoramic views from "Toh Li View Point" at Ban Ao Makham, Khlong Khian, Takua Thung District, Phang-nga.

Developed by local people to raise their sustainable incomes.

Ao Tho Li viewpoint

Ao Tho Li viewpoint

Ao Tho Li viewpoint

Samet Nangshe viewpoint is the original and best-known spot with basic tents available to rent. Visitors need to take a pick-up truck waiting upon their arrival to drive them up the hill (Pickup service and entrance fee are charged 90THB/person). The view from here is the best in the whole area. Before it was better at the Boutique hotel when we visited a view years ago, but during our last visit we saw they block everything with tables and stuff from the restaurant so there are only 2 spots left there to photograph, it is still beautiful but we got the feeling it's all about money so if you go for the view definitely this point.

Sametnangshe Boutique is one of the trending resorts that have been popping up on social media feeds recently. Thanks to its breathtaking view of the ocean and the mountains, the hotel’s vistas are one of its primary key selling points. Sametnangshe Boutique is complete with accommodation and a dining spot serving mouthwatering dishes one can enjoy while taking in the view. Those who prefer beverages can also pick from the fine selection of coffee and tea available on the menu

We visited this place a few years ago and fell in love with it, so we visited it again and stayed for 3 nights in the bamboo villa room looking out over the bay. The swimming pool was not finished 100 percent jet that time but it's really beautiful. They still building new rooms here but you have too good looking as the rooms with the best view are the villas from bamboo. But be aware the last time I checked the prices they were up 50% since our last visit, so a lot of people cant effort it anymore which is a little bit sad to see in Thailand as soon something gets popular they decide to double the prices.

Sametnangshe Boutique

Sametnangshe Boutique

Sametnangshe Boutique