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Why the Seychelles are the most beautiful Islands on Earth

Anse Source d'Argent beach La Digue Island

Every year around February we move some where to a warm destination to escape the cold in Europe. Similarly this year we were looking for a dream destination with a white beach and a crystal clear ocean.

Often you see on the photos of the Seychelles pearly white beaches with large granite rock formations this is the island of La Digue and can not be reached by plane to get our trip tuned to this. We do a round trip Mahe-Praslin-La Digue-Mahe

La Digue Seychelles

We fly from Amsterdam with a stopover in Istanbul and then to the main island of Mahe where we arrive in the morning and take the ferry to Praslin wich you can reach by plane or ferry ,we recommend a ferry because its cheaper and they run on time the airplanes not.

Praslin: Acajou beach resort


After some delay we finally arrived on the island of Praslin where we stay in a spacious resort on the beach with on the backside huge mountains.

Praslin: Acajou beach resort

After chek in and a fresh shower we walked to the village to buy some snacks food and drinks, there are some small shops and restaurants here and some take away food

The island Praslin is a fairly quiet island. we rented a car so we could easily drive around from beach to beach.

Most beautiful beaches Praslin:

1. Anse Lazio

2. Côte d or Beach

3. Anse Bateau

Côte d or Beach Praslin

ST Pier island Praslin

Praslin Seychelles

Of course there are more beaches but we found this 3 worthwhile and easily accessible.

Praslin is known for its beaches and nature, including the Vallée de Mai National Park, a UNESCO nature reserve where the Coco De Mer palm tree grows. Here early in the morning we walked through a fair cool jungle, it is a beautiful park but you walk right through it in a couple of hours.

Most people books with a guide but I found this myself not interesting enough so we walked around by ourself and loved the cool jungle with is huge trees

Vallée de Mai National Park

Vallée de Mai National Park

The days after we go from beach to beach and we drive twice around the island we do not sunbathing to much like many people can hang out on the beach for days we never stay longer than a few hours and have to explore new things

After a 5-day stay on this beautiful island, we take the ferry to La Digue which is not far about 20 minutes by boat from Praslin.

Anse Lazio beach Praslin

Anse Lazio beach Praslin Seychelles
Cote`d or beach Praslin

Cote`d or beach Praslin

La Digue

Arriving on the island we are welcomed on the pier with a golf car to our next hotel Domaine de L'Orangeraie which is not far from the ferry port and the main village of La Digue. Here we stay in a lovely huge room with balcony and a outside jungle bathroom.

The resort has a lovely white beach, swimming pool and 2 restaurant with sea view where we have breakfast every morning and enjoy the beautiful view from the terrace .

Domaine de L'Orangeraie Hotel La Digue

Breakfast at Domaine de L'Orangeraie Hotel La Digue

La Digue is almost car free so everyone uses a bicycle which is easy because the island is not that big. The first day we walk around the village enjoy the food and hang around the pool at the hotel just chilling and at evening enjoyed an amazing sunset a real vacation mood here.

Domaine de L'Orangeraie Hotel La Digue

Sunset at Domaine de L'Orangeraie Hotel La Digue

The next day we rented a bike and explore the island.

We arrive at Petite Anse Beach which is a fairly nice big white beach with a restaurant and some coconut drink sellers.

From here you can reach 2 more beaches but you have to climb through the jungle over the granite rocks in 40 minutes you are on the next beach Petite Anse Cocos which is the most beautiful beach of La Digue and very few tourists because it is so difficult to reach.

Petite Anse beach La Digue

Petite Anse beach
Petite Anse beach

The most famous beach of La Digue is Anse Source d'Argent this is only accessible over a palm plantation so you have to pay entrance but the beach is beautiful and there are several bars and restaurant to find, it is very touristy, it`s better in the evening or morning when the beaches are empty.

Most beautiful beaches of La Digue:

1.Anse Cocos

2. Petite Anse

3. Anse Source d Argent

The following days we cycle around and hang out by the pool to cool watch the most beautiful sunsets on the beach, a real tropical feeling

La Digue

Sunset around the corner on the beach by oure hotel at La Digue
Anse Source d Argent beach La Digue

One day we go around with a catamaran sailing boat to some islands around La Digue, i like the small Cocos island with is huge granit rock on the beach, we do snorkling bbq and more snorkling so time fly. What else i can tell you about the Seychelles? i think just look at the pics crystal clear ocean whit white beach soft sand,granite rocks, palm trees lovely tropical vibes here.

Cocos island

Cocos island


After 5 days we have to leave this beautiful resort and island with the ferry to Mahe wich is 1,5 hour from La Digue with a stop at the island Praslin. At Ma we also rent a car which we can return later at the airport. so we dont have to use taxi wich are expensive at the Seychelles.

Mahe is the main island of the Seychelles and a lot busier than the other islands here, most of the Seychelles people live and work here.

We stay at the Savoy Resort & Spa a large hotel on the beach Beau Vallon Beach. Here are many hotels and is very touristy this is definitely not recommended to stay all your Holiday time here but to explore the island it is perfect and in the evening there is a small food market at the boulevard.

Mahe: Savoy resort

Most beautiful beaches Mahe:

1. Petite Anse by Four Seasons resort

2. Anse Intendance

3. Anse Boileau

Set in the heart of a lost Eden, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles offers guests an unrivalled luxury hotel experience in a natural jungle setting wich is located on the most beautiful white beach of Mahe , Petite Anse

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles,Petite Anse beach
Four Seasons Resort Seychelles,Petite Anse beach
Four Seasons Resort Seychelles,Petite Anse beach
Four Seasons Resort Seychelles,Petite Anse beach


In the north-east of Mahé, bordered on one side by steep mountain slopes, is the capital of the Republic of the Seychelles here you can find the market a Indian temple , the clock tower and some colorful bouldings.

Indian temple Victoria Mahe
Market Victoria

We also hop here from beach to beach and visit the city of Victoria where a large vegetable and fish market is nice to walk around ,here is also the Indian temple. We drive up to the mountain the next day and enjoyed the view from here drive around and past many beaches visiting the four season resort and that's how our holiday flies by and before we know it we are back in the plane to the Netherlands where spring has started.

Sunset Mahe

Anse Lazio Beach Praslin

Under a palm tree

Best time to visit

As the Seychelles islands are blessed with a year-long warm, tropical climate, it’s always a good time to visit, although different times of year may be better suited to your particular interests.

The periods of calm between the trades produce fairly warm and wind-free conditions throughout April and also in October. Conditions for swimming, snorkelling and especially diving are superb during April/May and October/November when the water temperature sometimes reaches 29ºC and visibility is often 30 metres plus.

Anse Source d'Argent beach La Digue Island