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Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket

Imagine a place where you are taken through a paradise of nature.

Where time slows down, as you walk through this oasis of beauty, butterflies flutter beside you, cute rabbits hop about, and the ambient sound of birds fills the sky.

This is the experience you begin to feel at the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort in the Karon district of Phuket. Truly as their slogan says, it is where Thai tradition meets nature. Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is one of the best beach resorts in Phuket, located in the central part of Karon Beach.

The Resort features 4 big swimming pools for adults and children surrounded by high palm trees and other exotic trees. There are 2 Bars in and around the Blue Heaven and Chaba Pools where you can order snacks, delicious cocktails, and fruit shakes made with fresh fruits. You can even have lunch around the pool. The area has umbrellas and sun loungers where you can relax all day. The Thavorn Palm Beach Resort also has an air-conditioned Kids Club, fully equipped with many toys so the children can play freely. Right in front of the kids club is the Coffee Talk and the Ciao Bistro. When it gets hot and if you love coffee, don’t miss a chance to visit Coffee Talk. Enjoy hot and cold drinks, chocolate milk, teas, and many types of coffee in a unique style and with air conditioning! The Coffee Talk is connected to the Sweet Talk Ice Cream center, so if you are a sweet tooth like me, you will definitely try their delicious ice cream. Coffee Talk and Sweet are open to outside guests so anyone can enter freely for a good coffee, and ice cream.

If you come on vacation to Phuket, Karon zone, I highly recommend the

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket

The Resort offers about 200 affordable rooms and has an immense well-cared exotic garden with many types of plants and flowers. Explore the Orchid Garden to discover a lot of mixed colors, fragrant perfumes, and many singing birds. For a moment you will forget that you are in a resort.

The Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket is conveniently located on Karon beach and near shops and area attractions. As a large resort, guests will find 210 different rooms to choose from in 9 different categories ranging from basic no-view rooms to multi-bedroom suites with an ocean view. Rooms are designed with comfort in mind as well as relaxation with soft hues throughout along with an airy feel complimented by large glass doors leading out to one or more terraces.

Karon Beach Phuket

As this is a 5-star resort, guests will find many added features such as a panoramic view of Karon Beach from the Old Siam Authentic Thai Restaurant, botanical gardens featuring orchids and other flowering plants, five different swimming pools, including one designed with kids in mind, a beauty salon offering a wide range of services including massages and treatments and Wi-Fi throughout the entire resort. Reviews are high with many guests detailing their affection for the beachfront location, amenities, and spacious rooms.

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket

Karon Beach is normally thought of as the second most touristy beach in Phuket after Patong. Probably true, but it's way quieter than Patong, much cleaner, and if you drive from Patong to Karon you will see what I mean. Like a breath of fresh air, with flowers, trees, and a beach that has no direct development except for the new Centara Grand at the far north end, and just over 3km away from the Karon Beach Resort right at the south end. The rest of the beach is natural - sand, some greenery, trees, and there is a drainage canal running along part of the beach, but it's been built to look nice, you have benches to sit on, plenty of beach access, and a golden dragon statue too!

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket


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