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The Perfect 3-Week Island Hopping Itinerary in Thailand. From Bangkok to Koh Lipe, and Krabi

Are you looking for the perfect Island-hopping Itinerary? You’ve found it! Check out this curated guide to help you make the most of your trip to Thailand and fall in love with the gorgeous country!

Thailand has beautiful tropical beaches with glistening white sand, world-class diving destinations, amazing street food, majestic temples, and a strong cultural heritage. It’s no wonder this country is a sought-after destination – there is something for everyone!

You’ll find wholesome, family-friendly destinations and a few others known for their vibrant nightlife and wild parties.

Koh Hong Island Thailand

Whether planning a Thailand itinerary for a short time (a few days or weeks) or for longer (months of backpacking across Thailand), you’ll be surprised at how many new things you’ll discover along the way. And that’s what makes it such an exciting place to visit for travelers,

On average, most people spend about two, or three weeks in Thailand and if you want to experience the best of what the country can offer, this should give you enough time to visit the must-see sites and even discover a few hidden gems. And there is much more to Thailand than just Bangkok. It’s recommended that you venture beyond the capital, too!

Krabi Thailand

I put together this suggested itinerary for you to make the most of your 3 weeks of island hopping in Thailand. All the suggestions come from personal experience and I hope this post will make your lives easier at the time of planning your trip.

  1. Bangkok

  2. Bangkok

  3. Bangkok

  4. Bangkok flight to Hat Yai and transfer to Koh Lipe

  5. Koh Lipe

  6. Koh Lipe

  7. Koh Lipe

  8. Koh Lipe to Koh Mook

  9. Koh Mook

  10. Koh Mook

  11. Koh Mook to Koh Kradan

  12. Koh Kradan

  13. Koh Kradan to Railay beach Krabi

  14. Railay beach Krabi

  15. Railay beach Krabi

  16. Railay Beach Krabi to Koh Phi Phi

  17. Koh Phi Phi

  18. Koh Phi Phi

  19. Koh Phi Phi to Phuket

  20. Phuket

  21. Phuket to Bangkok and fly home

How to spend 3 weeks Island hopping in Thailand

Day 1: Arrive in Bangkok

Even if your flight lands late, there are still tons of things you can do in Bangkok at night. You could start your 3 weeks in Thailand with a chill evening dinner on the Cao Praya River.

Wat Arun temple Bangkok

If you’re looking for something fancier, you could also start the first evening of your three days in Bangkok with one of the many rooftop bars. The most famous is Sky Bar, which you might recognize from the famous movie The Hangover. But there are a lot of new ones coming every year. I wrote a blog about temples and must-see places in Bangkok here

Where to stay in Bangkok

Spend your first few nights in Thailand at the SO Sofitel Bangkok one of the best hotels in Bangkok with a rooftop pool.

Or stay at Villa Deva resort a peaceful green oasis in the middle of the busy city, you will not believe, if you visit this place that it's in the middle of the noisy city but inside the hotel in the green garden you just can only hear the sound of the birds

Villa Deva Bangkok

We have been to Bangkok many times and have tried many hotels. The Chatrium Riverside is one of our favorites. Directly on the Chao Phraya River with boat access to the Sathorn Pier, where the express boats leave, and the BTS station Saphan Taksin.

Furthermore, the hotel offers an extensive breakfast buffet, a swimming pool, and large modern rooms with views over Bangkok. Just the perfect place for a bit of luxury on vacation.

Wat Benchamabophit The Marble Temple

Day 2: Explore the temples in Bangkok

Buddhism is the most practiced religion in Thailand, as you will immediately see after a quick wander around Bangkok. Just in Bangkok, there are over 400 temples!

For your first full day in Bangkok, prepare yourself for a full immersion of culture and history! Although let’s be realistic, visiting all 400 isn’t feasible, which is why I’ve outlined here the best ones.

Start your day early by visiting the Royal Palace. It opens at 7 AM, but you want to be there earlier to beat the crowds. The Royal Palace, also known as the Grand Palace, is a complex of buildings that has been the official residence of the King of Siam since the 1700s.

It offers the best of Thai architecture, with prominent colors of cream, blue, and gold. It’s quite a marvel to explore.

After the Royal Palace, you can go on to visit Wat Pho, which is only a short walk away.

Wat Pho is famous for being one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand and home to one of the biggest reclining golden Buddha statues in the world.

This huge golden Buddha is extremely iconic, and no Thailand itinerary would be complete without it. Walking around it has a way of making you feel small.

Wat Pho is a beautiful temple though so don’t stop at the big Buddha statue, wander around the complex and discover some of the less touristy corners.

View at Wat Arun during sunset

Wat Arun is another famous Buddhist temple across the river from Wat Pho. It is the first temple in the list of six Buddhist temples in Thailand classified as the first class royal temples.

It is also recognized by UNESCO in its Memory of the World Programme. The temple also houses a school of Thai medicine and is the birthplace of traditional Thai massage.

floating market

Day 3: Visit the floating and railway markets

On day three you will spend half of the day exploring the famous floating and railway markets. These are located outside Bangkok, so you have to visit them on an organized tour, as it’s the easiest way to get there.

Railway market

We did a tour that set off around 8 AM and returned just in time for a late lunch. The markets are about a 1.5 to 2-hour drive outside of Bangkok.

Which market you visit first will largely depend on when you set off, as they will time it so that you can see the train passing through the railway market. The railway market is cool but odd.

One moment you’re walking along the tracks looking at the various stalls, then all of a sudden you see people cover their products with blankets or take them inside, and a moment later the train comes!

You’ll find yourself standing quite tight on the edge of it, as the space between the train and the houses that surround the tracks is minimal.

The floating market is pretty close to it and is very different. It’s much more chaotic, with proper boat traffic jams along the river at peak times.

There are several locals selling products from their boats or stalls along the river, but there is quite a big market surrounding it that you can explore on foot.

We found the experience of bargaining in the river quite interesting, since everyone is on the move, negotiations are much shorter and you’re more likely to get a good deal!

Our tour didn’t include a cruise on the typical wooden boats but you can arrange this for 50 THB per person once you arrive there.

If you don’t want to pay for the extra just walking along the canals and in the market inland is very interesting too.

Koh Lipe

Day 4: Bangkok to Koh Lipe

Today is a long travel day so be sure you take an early flight to Hat Yai.

The trip from Hat Yai to Koh Lipe will take about 4,5 hours, 3 hours driving with minivan and about 1 hour with speedboat. Be sure you leave your phone number or get the phone number of the driver before you arrive at Hat Yai airport.

Day 5: Koh Lipe

relax at the beach

Day 6: Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is the southernmost island in Thailand and is located almost on the border with Malaysia. This island pearl is together with Koh Adang and many other small islands of the surroundings a part of the Tarutao National Park and is therefore under nature protection. A real highlight besides the white beaches is the magnificent underwater world, which you can marvel at while snorkeling and diving.

What makes Koh Lipe unique in Thailand is certainly the breathtaking beaches. Especially the turquoise blue sea colors and the powder sugar soft snow white sand have earned this paradise the nickname “the Maldives of Thailand“. Thanks to its size of just 4 square kilometers, you can comfortably walk from one dream beach to the next and theoretically swim and snorkel at a different beach every day. Read the full blog about Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe Thailand

Where to Stay at Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe has a stunning selection of beautiful beach bungalows, luxury accommodations, and cheap backpacker hostels. If you are not sure which hotel to book yet, we have put together a few accommodation tips for Koh Lipe.

  • Hostel: The Bloom Café and Hostel is one of the best and cheapest hostels on the island. It is centrally located on Walking Street, and all the island’s beaches can be reached by a short walk.

  • Beach Bungalow: The Lipe Graden beach resort is located at Pattaya Beach and amazes the direct beach location and clean wooden huts.

  • Eco resort Castaway resort Koh Lipe is the only Eco resort on the Island and was also one of the first hotels here. We visited this place 10 years ago and during our recent trip and everything is just the same. Great bungalows beautiful views, a lovely restaurant with sea views. The resort doesn't use Aircon and they don't use plastic which is great if you care about the oceans as most plastic we use will end up in the oceans.

  • Luxury Hotel: The Ten Moons Lipe is located directly at the sunrise beach of Koh Lipe and the large and intact coral reef, right in front of the hotel, provides you with the opportunity of snorkeling. The perfect hotel for a very special vacation!

  • Luxury Hotel Bulow Casa Grand View Resort & Spa This resort is located at the North Beach and you just walk out of your bungalow to the most amazing beach at Koh Lipe with a huge sandbank

  • Luxury Resort Serendipity Beach Resort Koh Lipe Serendipity Resort, situated gracefully on Koh Lipe, Satun, Thailand, is a gem for your perfect getaway with serenity, privacy, and comfort that fulfill every purpose of your stay. Overlooking the azure water of the crystal clear Andaman Sea, Serendipity Resort isn’t only a place to fill your relaxing day with a glittering wave but also a place to color any kind of special day with your special one. The secluded beach is embraced by wooden chalets and ocean-facing private pool villas promising a relaxing yet pleasurable stay

Castaway resort Koh Lipe

Day 7: Koh Lipe

relax at the beach

Day 8: Koh Muk

Book a transfer from Koh Lipe to Koh Muk, the best way is online as it's cheaper than on the streets of Koh Lipe.

Day 9: Koh Muk

relax on the beach

Day 10: Koh Muk

Book a tour or grab a Kayak to Emerald Cave also known as the Tham Morakot, which is a natural cave with a hidden lagoon inside. To get to the lagoon, you have to swim or kayak through a dark and narrow tunnel, which can be quite an adventure. The water inside the lagoon is emerald green and surrounded by high cliffs covered in lush vegetation.

Koh Muk Thailand

Koh Mook

Koh Mook also called Koh Muk, is a small idyllic island in the Andaman Sea in the south of Thailand. Much of the island consists of a deep jungle and intact nature, as well as small, charming villages. The coast, in turn, is lined with palm trees, gigantic cliffs, and gorgeous beaches that invite you to relax. However, the absolute best attractions are the breathtaking Emerald Cave and the snow-white Sivalai Beach, which make Koh Mook one of the most spectacular islands in Thailand and an insider tip for travelers. Here you are still away from mass tourism and can dive deep into the quiet island life. The unique combination of fascinating natural scenery and friendly people will also make your visit to Koh Mook an unforgettable experience. Read the full blog about Koh Muk

Where to stay:

Koh Mook has several accommodation options, ranging from budget guesthouses to luxury resorts. Some of the best places to stay include the Sivalai Beach Resort, Koh Mook Charlie Beach Resort, and the Koh Mook Lamai

Koh Kradan Thailand

Day 11: Koh Kradan

Day 12: Koh Kradan

relax on the beach

Koh Kradan

Are you looking for a clear blue ocean, a transparent sea that sparkles in the sun as multi-colored fish swim by? Where all you can hear is silence apart from the sound of waves lapping against the pure white sand? Welcome to Koh Kradan.

Koh Kradan is a small, picturesque island located in the Andaman Sea, off the coast of Thailand. It is part of the Trang Province and is a popular destination for tourists looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the mainland. The entire island measures 4 kilometers from north to south, and an average of just 300 meters from east to west.

The turquoise blue waters of Paradise Beach on the island’s east stretch for roughly 200 meters at just waist depth. The water then drops off to one of Thailand’s best snorkel-accessible coral reefs.

Beachfront bungalows are backed by dense jungle where various bird calls wake you up for sunrise, and broods of cicadas sing away as the sun sets. Looking out to the ocean, our view is only disturbed by a scattering of beautiful old fig trees stretching out over the sand.

We spent a total of 4 nights on Koh Kradan to develop this ultimate guide to the island. We hope you find the island just as enjoyable as we did. Read the full blog post about Koh Kradan

Hotels on Koh Kradan

There are only 7 accommodation options in Koh Kradan, most with beachfront views.

The choice of accommodation and hotels on the island of Koh Kradan is not too big. But you get a unique location directly in paradise, including a fantastic view of the turquoise sea. Many people stay here for a longer time. It is recommended to book your desired hotel in advance because the good places to stay in Koh Kradan can be booked up quickly. Here are our recommendations for an unforgettable vacation…It’s worth a look!

  • Resort with House Reef: The Reef Resort is one of the best hotels on the island. It scores with a beautiful beach location, delicious food, and its house reef for snorkeling.

  • Eco-Resort on the Beach: The KALUME Eco Boutique Resort inspires with beautiful bungalows directly on the beach. A brilliant accommodation for a vacation on Koh Kradan.

  • Bungalow Resort on the Sea: The Mali Kradan is a beautiful, new bungalow resort with villas directly on the dream beach and with its reef!

  • Budget-friendly bungalows in the middle of the Island Paradis Bungalows 

  • Camping: There is the possibility to camp cheaply at the national park building on the island. Here you can pitch your tent or rent one on-site.

Koh Kradan Thailand

Day 13: Railay Beach Krabi

Day 14: Railay Beach Krabi

relax on the beach

Day 15: Railay Beach Krabi

Relax on the beach or grab a longtail boat to do the 4 Island trip or take a trip to Koh Hong Islands

Railay Beach

Railay Beach is a peninsula, but since the bay is separated from the mainland by deep jungle and can only be reached by longtail boat from Krabi town or Ao Nang, you immediately get a real island feeling. In addition, many small offshore islands await you here, which you can reach via a short trip with the longtail boat on a 4 Island Tour. The gigantic limestone rocks, the jungle, the breathtaking Phra Nang Beach, and the beautiful Railay Beach offer an unbeatable ambiance. A real paradise for beach lovers, but also climbers!

Tip: Ingenious is the Railay Bay Resort One of only a handful of resorts with beachfront access to Krabi’s famed Railay Beach, the 4-star Railay Bay Resort & Spa is ideally situated on a white sandy beach with crystal clear water, exotic marine life, and colorful coral reefs. Nature can be truly enjoyed with the limestone cliffs of Railay, the beaches of Phra Nang and Ao Nang, as well as the Phra Nang Cave. Read the full blog about Railay Beach

Railay Beach Krabi Thailand

Where to Stay

Railay Garden View Resort is a beautiful place if you love back to basics, it only has a fan but you always have the breeze from the ocean and beautiful views. We sit here for hours watching the monkeys playing in the trees. Great rooms for a budget price. They also arrange trips to other islands and rock climbing.

Railay garden view

Tip: Directly on the beach is the Railay Village Resort. The hotel delights its guests with two beautiful pools, a brilliant location, and a quiet, well-kept garden. Rooms are around 130 Euro without breakfast, and yes Railay Beach is more expensive than Ao Nang in Ao Nang a hotel like this will cost mabey 30 Euro

Railay Village Resort

Railay Bay Resort One of only a handful of resorts with beachfront access to Krabi’s famed Railay Beach, the 4-star Railay Bay Resort & Spa is ideally situated on a white sandy beach with crystal clear water, exotic marine life, and colorful coral reefs. Nature can be truly enjoyed with the limestone cliffs of Railay, the beaches of Phra Nang and Ao Nang, as well as the Phra Nang Cave.

Whether you are dining in the Railay Restaurant, relaxing on the beach, or enjoying the view from each room’s spacious private balconies, you will never have to miss the amazing sunrises and sunsets. coconut trees and tropical fauna decorate the beautifully landscaped grounds, accenting such facilities as the outdoor pool and spa with a hot tub and massage treatment. Rooms are around 100 Euro a night including breakfast. Book Now 

Another great place to stay right on the beach is the Sand Sea Resort and it's also not that expensive. You can find rooms for around 60 Euro a night It's a great alternative if you travel with kids or you just want aircon or don't like the sound on the other side of the Island at Railay Garden view and looking for a decent hotel. Book Now 

lunch on the beach of Koh Poda during a private luxury boat trip with Railay Eco Tours

Day 16: Koh Phi Phi

Day 17: Koh Phi Phi

Book a private longtail boat from the beach to Maya Bay be sure to go as early as possible or in the afternoon to avoid mass tourism. The cost will be between 1500 Baht and 2000 Baht without national park fees.

Day 18: Koh Phi Phi

relax on the beach

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi

Just a 45-minute speedboat ride or a 90-minute ferry ride from Phuket or Krabi lies the beautiful Phi Phi islands. The islands are picture-perfect which would make you want to just click your time away. Turquoise blue waters, diverse marine life, colorful coral reefs, and sandy beaches topped with a blue sky. Planning an island holiday to Koh Phi Phi? Here is our Koh Phi Phi island travel guide blog includes all the exciting things to do with the calm relaxation you’d expect from a pristine tropical island paradise

Ko Phi Phi is one of the most popular tourist islands in Thailand. From beautiful Maya Bay which was made famous by the Leonardo DiCaprio movie: The Beach to the monkeys on “Monkey Beach” to the diving, nightlife, and resorts, Phi Phi is one of the biggest destinations in Thailand.

Where to stay

In the low season, visitors can expect discounted room rates. In the peak season, it is recommended that you book your room in advance or you will end up sleeping on the beach.

During our last visit in November, all hotels were fully booked

In case you’re after recommendations for beachfront accommodation near the center but away from the noise of party people, here is our best pick:

ChaoKoh Phi Phi Hotel and Resort

ChaoKoh Phi Phi Hotel and Resort is easily one of the best stays in Phi Phi Don. A nice resort design with a great pool welcomes you and has most of what you’ll need for a relaxing, comfortable stay. Very close to the beach with only 3 minute's walk. One of the nicest hotels on Phi Phi Island. At Chaokoh Phi Phi Hotel & Resort you’ll be within a short 5-minute stroll of Tonsai Pier and Loh Dalum Beach. Highlights at this beachfront hotel include a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, and a beach bar. Book Now 

Another worth recommendation is the Viking Nature Resort. The resort offers classically furnished rooms adorned with simple interiors made with natural materials. It’s authentic with a private beach and close to nature on the island. Amazing peaceful stay with friendly staff but a little bit farther away from the center Book Now 

Mama Beach Residence is a unique 24-room hotel located at the western end of Tonsai Bay on Phi Phi Don Island with No Bikes, No Cars, and No noise. Monkeys at 200 Meters. The market and the Pier at 700 Meters Book Now 

SAii Phi Phi Island Village is still the unbeatable luxury hotel in the most gorgeous setting on Phi Phi Island. The location of the resort is astonishing and situated along Lo Ba Goa Bay with a great sea view. It offers spacious accommodation and features a private beach and infinity pool equipped with a pool bar. The rooms come with a thatched roof and solid wood furnishings. Staying here to enjoy the exclusive gorgeous beach of the most beautiful island, with amazing professional service. A peaceful hideaway on Phi Phi island. Book Now 

Day 19: Phuket

Day 20: Phuket


As Thailand’s largest island, there’s no shortage of gorgeous coastlines, or perfect, unspoiled beaches to enjoy in Phuket. From the popular, party beaches with plenty of activities to the quiet, serene beaches that are almost empty. Phuket is one of Thailand’s best holiday destinations. With crystal clear water and a sandy white beach, tourists can experience stunning sea views in the various places in Phuket.

Palm trees, white-sand beaches, crazy parties, luxury beach resorts, delicious Thai foods… What more could you expect from a tropical island? Phuket has it all!

Phuket is Thailand’s most popular travel destination and is visited by all kinds of travelers including backpackers, honeymoon couples, families, and party people. It is a beautiful island that has a lot to offer for all tastes and I have found you the best areas to suit your personal preferences. Thanks to a large number of accommodation options and being easy to get around on the island, it is not difficult to find a hotel for your budget in Phuket.

However, it can be a headache when looking for where to stay in Phuket. This island paradise is much larger than you might think with a wide range of accommodations available. You’ll find various luxury villas, 5-star beach resorts, high to mid-price hotels, and even a range of budget hostels to stay in Phuket. This quick and easy guide to Phuket’s best hotels and accommodations will help you decide where to stay. Whether you’re in the mood for a luxury gateway or a budget solo holiday, we’ve got the best of Phuket for you.

As a first-time traveler to Phuket, it is always ideal to know where to stay in Phuket. Most tourists will choose to stay on the west side of the island. This area houses many great bays and resorts that offer beach and sea views with a sunset.

The infamous Patong Beach is the most popular beach on the west side of Phuket. From there, you can choose the Karon and Kata beach (south of Patong), or Kalim and Kamala (north of Patong). It tends to be quieter and more laid back, away from the hustle and bustle of the main action area of Patong.

Where to Stay:

looking out over the bay of Patong from the hills of Phuket it's the perfect getaway. Peacefully settled on the hills but only 5 minutes walk to Patong beach. During low tide, they have a private beach just behind the pool for relaxation or snorkeling.

The property has 3 pools so you will always find a place for yourself to relax

The staff at the resort was extremely friendly and helpful. Amari is a great hotel for families or couples in their 30s and upwards, who are after a relaxing and comfortable stay, one side note it's on the hill so it has a lot of stairs, they use the shuttle bus to bring you everywhere but you still need to walk at some stairs so mabey its, not the best place if you don't have good legs.

Although the weather was still rainy we enjoyed the food and views a lot during our stay. The best season to visit is between November and April, but from last year's experience, early November can still bring some rainy days. Book Now 

Amari Phuket

One of the best places to stay in Phuket. The hotel has so many activities to do and is near Patong and Kamala. We stayed at the beach villas and loved it so much. Awake here and seeing the white beach and blue ocean is just if you awake in a dream. Book Now 

Thavorn Beach Village & Spa

Imagine a place where you are taken through a paradise of nature. When time slows down, as you walk through this oasis of beauty, butterflies flutter beside you, cute rabbits hop about, and the ambient sound of birds fills the sky. This is the experience you begin to feel at the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort in the Karon district of Phuket. Truly as their slogan says, it is where Thai tradition meets nature. Book Now 

Thavorn Palm Beach

Settled on one of the best beaches you can find around Phuket, a beautiful hotel perfectly built in a bay with a great white sandy beach great for snorkeling, surfing, or just relaxing by the pool. On the first days, we had some rain but on the last days the sun was shining and you can see the white sand and blue ocean popping up beautifully this is why it's one of the best beaches around Phuket. Book Now 

Le Meridien in Phuket

A hidden gem situated in the heart of Patong Beach, enveloped by lush tropical gardens, featuring 12 rooms with pool access, perfect for those who want to relax by the pool. Guests can enjoy the activities at Patong Beach, just moments away from the property. In front of the hotel, you can find our favorite Irish pub, James & Joyce, which offers live music and a welcoming atmosphere so you can enjoy pub classics and traditional Thai meals.

Quality Resort & Spa Patong Beach was built with a very specific intention in mind: Creating an environment for a relaxing and enjoyable stay. The entire property surrounds the sprawling and luxurious swimming pool with a golden traditional Thai design, adding a touch of luxury to the atmosphere. The resort offers dining options for guests, including a Thai and Indian-themed all-day restaurant, a Pool Bar, and James & Joyce – a lively Irish Pub. Book Now 

Quality resort Patong

wonderful hotel away from all the hustle and bustle. It's so peaceful with on one side the mountains and a green jungle and on the other side, the beach which is a popular spot for surfers. The Northwest of Phuket has some fine beaches where you can get away from the crowds. The Naithonburi is small and neat, not very expensive, but has facilities a nice pool, a gym, and Naithon beach just outside! There's a pool bar and a restaurant, one of only a few along the beach. Book Now 

The resort is beautifully modern and designed in a tropical garden with rooms at the pool and beautiful villas on the beach with their plunge pool, all a few steps from the beach. The beach is great for long walks and when the water is low you can also walk to a small hidden Island just around the corner of the resort. Book Now 

Day 21: Phuket

Fly Back from Phuket or Fly first back to Bangkok it depends on where you living

Surin beach Phuket Thailand

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