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Beaches, waterfalls, palm trees, friendly people Chumphon Thailand has it all

Wu Laen beach Cuhmphon

Strolling over empty white beaches with huge palm trees, sleepy fishing villages, waterfalls, and a host of palm trees welcome to Chumpon, southern Thailand. Chumpon you may know the resort as a transit city to and from the island of Koh Tao, Koh Pangnan, and Samui. But much more likely is that you have never heard of it. And that is a shame, because thanks to the beautiful, empty beaches and authentic villages, Chumphon is a destination in itself; and it is worth it to stay a few nights. We stayed in a Wellness resort close to the beach in Pak Tako Chumphon

Tusita wellness resort

Tusita Wellness is fully equipped and ideally located between Chumphon and Udon Thani.Tusita Wellness is a beautiful resort built in traditional Thai style with luxury rooms. The resort consists of three parts, namely the Wellness area, the Beach, and a homestay. Tusita Wellness is beautifully situated in a garden full of palm trees and flowers decorated with British Indian decor. The centerpiece of the Wellness resort is the swimming pool which are the villas with access to the swimming pool, if you prefer to laze on the beach then you can go to Tusita Beach 500 meters away which has a swimming pool and sun loungers.

Tusita beach

We visited the spa twice and this was the highlight of our stay. You will be pampered here in a professional manner. After the massage you are reborn. The restaurant was decent with a choice of western and Thai menu, also the breakfast was with the choice of western and Thai because it was not that extensive we ordered some extras outside the menu card the next day this was also not a problem. The hotel has also free bikes which you can use to go to the beach or go to the fishing village by the river. We love to visit the village and local markets by the beach the people are all friendly and smiling.

Tusita Wellness breakfast in bed

We also visit the homestay of Tusita and were invited directly for a cup of coffee by another fishing family who runs also a homestay. I think it's also a good place to stay you can kayak here, fishing and visit the beach and it's a great point for sunsets it's about 8 km from the Tusita Wellness resort.

Wu Laen beach Cuhmphon

Chumphon has everything the tourist wants. The large travel companies ignored it and therefore it remained a sleepy part of Thailand. Chumphon is located between the Prachuap Khiri Khan provinces and Surat Thani provinces in the south. The capital, Chumphon is 500 km from Bangkok, and most Thai people are too far for a weekend trip. It is visited by tourists, but usually only for one night to travel the next day to popular destinations such as Phuket, Koh Samui, or Krabi.

Tusita Spa

Things to do: Beaches:

1. Hat Thung Wua Laen is the northern beach of Chumphon. The beach is about two kilometers long, the perfect length for a wonderful beach walk. Along the beach, there are several cozy tents where you can go for a snack, a drink, or rent a beach bed. We found the food and drinks to be of good quality, the beach was deserted and along the beach, you will find lots of palm trees ideal for shooting some holiday snapshots.

2. Hat Sai Ri southern beach of Chumphon Hat Sai Rai is the southern beach of Chumphon and is also known as Sairee Beach (not to be confused with the popular Sairee Beach on Koh Tao ). From the beach, you have a beautiful view of several islands of the Mu Koh Chumphon National Park. It is a wonderful beach to relax or after your visit to the Krom Luang temple, you can have lunch here.

Chumphon national park

3. Chumpon National park Fancy a bit of nature? Then travel to the Mu Ko Chumphon National Park. A walking route has been created here on the mainland through an impressive piece of mangrove forest. Watch out if you are afraid of heights because you have to cross a river halfway along a giant rope bridge. The route through the mangrove forest is approximately one kilometer long. If you pay attention you spot several special animals along the way.

Khao Matsee Viewpoint

4. Khao Matsee Viewpoint is just as well looking that you take the right turn and then you drive up style where there are a few restaurants and you have a great view of the surroundings. Around the viewpoint, there are still some swings for some nice snaps to take

5. Khlong Prao National Park we visited this park for its amazing waterfall, but beware if you have difficulty walking, it is not recommended, the path to the waterfall can be slippery and you have to walk on stairs. Arrived downstairs it is more than worth the climb and we were the only visitors which are unique for such a beautiful place.

Langsuan railway

6. Langusan Railway was built by the Japanese in World War II and destroyed by Americans during World War II and was restored to its former glory by the Thais

7. Arunothai Beach A beautiful beach where you can still see the life of the local fishermen, It is also a nice way to cycle fairly.

beach of Tusita Wellness

8. Prince Chumphon monument, on the hill of the Hat Sai Ri beach will find this monument. Prince Chumphon was one of King Rama V sons and the founder of the Navy in Thailand. The prince died of an early virus but is still honored everywhere in Chumpon. When we think of southern Thailand, we think of long sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees. On beautiful islands, sleep in a bamboo hut on the beach and drink from a coconut. But the south also has another side: hotel chains, drunken backpackers, 2 buckets for the price of 1, Yes, South Thailand has it all. Fortunately, there are still beautiful islands, where mass tourism has not yet been deeply rooted. Where you can enjoy peace in your hammock between the palm trees. It can be found, but just completely alone in the world? Thailand may not be the preferred destination for this. Or is it? A region where you can travel all day without encountering any Western tourists is the province of Chumphon. This is the gateway to the south Many travelers travel through the city of Chumphon, from where you can catch the ferry to the islands of Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, and Koh Samui. What most travelers don't know is that you will also find a beautiful part of Thailand in this province, where you can escape from mass tourism and discover local life.

beach Tusita Wellness


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