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Luxury Wellness escape in Phuket Thailand

Amatara Welleness resort Phuket

Amatara is a Phuket wellness resort that gives visitors the best of both worlds and peaceful relaxation with easy access to all areas of Phuket without being a boat ride away.

Amatara Welleness resort Phuket

Amatara is a Phuket wellness resort is about a 1-hour drive from Phuket International Airport. Upon booking, an email will arrive from a concierge with Amatara. They will request your flight information and will send a driver to pick you up upon your arrival in Phuket. Amatara is a Phuket wellness resort is on the southeast corner of the island, away from the popular party areas, such as Patong Beach, more on the mid-northwest part of the island. It would take about 45 minutes to get to these more popular Phuket destinations.

Amatara Wellness resort Phuket

Don’t let the distance deter you from staying atAmatara is a Phuket wellness resort though. It’s very easy to set up transportation with the resort to take you to other Phuket destinations you’d like to visit. The ride is very comfortable with provided water and cool towels for the trip. We rented a scooter and visit popular beaches in the area and visit the Phuket old town.

Amatara Welleness resort Phuket

There are plenty of activities at Amatara Wellness Resort to keep visitors busy.

· Relax at one of the infinity pools on site

· Hang out at the private beach

· Participate in one of many wellness activities, such as yoga.

· Get a massage or other spa treatment

· Have afternoon tea at the Library

· Go on one of many excursions that Amatara can arrange

· Enjoy happy hour every evening at the Sun & Moon ocean-view rooftop lounge

Amatara Welleness resort Phuket

The balmy, breezy island of Phuket has become the epitome of the Thai beach holiday destination. Attracting visitors from all over the world, the 576 km2 island is much more than the rowdy and rambunctious Bangla Road on Patong Beach that seems to feature loud on many travel sites.

Amatara Wellness resort Phuket

The international airport on the island (code: HKT) is a convenient gateway to not only the island itself but to the neighboring attractions and resorts located on the coastal strip of Khao Lak to the north and the delightful islands like Ko Yao Yai and Phi Phi to the east.

Amatara Welleness resort Phuket

Virtually the entire coastline of the island is dotted with resorts and hotels, all strategically located to take advantage of the beaches and sweeping seascapes, and is now a far cry from the sleepy, remote locale that so attracted the early travelers when it was ‘discovered by the first backpackers and hippies nearly fifty years ago.

Amatara Welleness resort Phuket

Further romanticized by movies like Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘The Beach’ in 2000, filmed on Koh Phi Phi, the location gained an almost mythical status despite the tribulations endured by our cinematic heartthrob.

Apart from these misty-eyed daydreams, Phuket and its surroundings offer plenty for the earnest traveler to experience. Here’s a checklist to consider for your forthcoming visit:

  • Old Phuket Town – with its enchanting amalgam of Thai, Chinese and Portuguese architecture, the old center is a world away from the hustle of downtown. Enjoy the traditional shophouses, residences, and preserved historic mansions.

  • The beaches – mostly found on the less populated western shore, you’ll find Surin, Mai Khao, Nai Harn, and Laem Singh a more relaxing experience than those closer to town.

  • Phuket Thai Hua Museum – contains an interesting photography display and recognizes Phuket’s Chinese heritage

  • Phuket Aquarium – makes education fun with its many different displays of marine life, habitats as well as local environmental and conservation issues

  • The Phuket Art Gallery – a Sino-Portuguese style building where modern and fascinating arts are displayed as well as a wide range of temporary exhibits

  • Phuket Silom Cabaret – highly regarded Broadway-standard stage shows featuring skillful dancers, stunning costumes, and great music and light system

Shopping Tip: Phuket Weekend Market

This thriving weekend market might remind you of Bangkok’s Chatuchak market – in miniature. It’s busiest in the late afternoon and, I hear you ask, “what can you buy there?” It’s easier to list what you can’t.

Amatara Welleness resort Phuket


  • The best time to visit Phuket, in general, is between November and April. The temperatures are a little bit cooler this time of year. I visited in February, and the weather was perfect, averaging in the mid-80s and sunshine every day. The evenings were very windy, being on the coast, but would calm down during the day. May through October is monsoon season. Prices can be cheaper to visit, but the weather may not always hold out. At this time, swimming in the ocean is not recommended, and island excursions may be more difficult to come by with the heavy rain, large waves, and dangerous rip currents.

Amatara Wellness Resort Phuket


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