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Tanzania Safari / Zanzibar

Tanzania's set of the Lion King ,From The Big Five To The Smallest Of Creatures, We Saw It!!

Elephant family at Tanagire NP

When we made the decision to go on Safari we had many options of tour companies in Tanzania ,we decided to choose a Dutch company so its easy to chat, Ajabu Adventures here we booked a private tour with accommodation,they also booked tickets for us to the island Zanzibar where we stay at Bellevue

We visit the parks:

  1. Lake Manyara National Park

  2. Ngorongoro Crater

  3. Serengeti National Park

  4. Tarangire National Park

After 5 days of safari we notice that we have seen most animals several times. The Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Tanagire are full of wild animals. Baboons? Yep. Giraffes? Zebras? Flamingo? About two million. The elusive Leopard? Hippos? Ten - four. The Big Five - elephants, rhinos, buffalo, cheetah, and lions? Yep.

Giraffe at Tanagire NP

The landscape was exactly what the Lion King had told me. It was breathtaking! We had lunch next to a lion, next to a small lake where a number of hippos were bathing, on a mountain with wide views over Tarangire Park. We have seen the most beautiful sunsets sitting in front of the safari tent in the Serengeti or in the swimming pool looking over Tanagire park. Im In love with this country, nature, the people but above all the animals. Tanzania has exceeded my expectations. This African country is the perfect destination for a safari. Not only because of the beautiful nature parks that it is rich, but especially because of the large density of animals. You are short of eyes when you drive through the beautiful landscape.

Zebra`s at Ngorongoro Crater

We had seen so many, now I really wanted to see a silent kill. The sounds of flesh ripped off the bone indescribable, our wish came true we saw in the distance the birds of prey already floating in the air and knew we should go there.

When we arrived, we saw a cheetah with her babys working on a newly conquered gazelle. This is nature

Cheetah family

Why Tanzania? You can only see this with your own eyes, a photo only gives you an impression so many wild animals here

our Land Rover at Ngorongoro Crater


Serengeti park The Serengeti literally means "Endless plains" and is a region that stretches across the north of Tanzania and southern Kenya. The area is especially popular because of the large migration that takes place every year around October. The annual migration of more than 2 million ungulates, mainly wildebeest (wildebeest), zebras and gazelles by the Serengeti ecosystem is undoubtedly one of the biggest spectacles of its kind in Africa.

Tanagire NP

Tanagire park Tarangire is known for its large concentration of elephants and its overwhelming Baobab tree. In the park there are specimens with a diameter of up to eleven meters. Tip book a lodge on the edge of the park and watch from your chair how photogenic and vast the landscape is.

Staying at: Osupuko Lodge

Tanagire NP Osupuko Lodge

Ngorongoro Conservation Area There are few places where you have so much certainty to see large concentrations of game throughout the year. The crater is 'Big 5' area par excellence; lions, elephants and buffalo can almost be seen with certainty. The Ngorongoro crater is the most densely populated wildlife area in the world. An estimated 25,000 animals live on the crater bottom. The crater has a diameter of 17-21 kilometers and the crater bottom has an area of ​​approximately 260 km2. The edge of the crater is about 600 meters above the crater bottom and in the middle of the crater there is a salt lake.

Lake Manyara

Beautiful and relatively small park, which is famous for the large numbers of flamingos and the tree climbing lions.Lake Manyara National Park is one of Tanzania’s smaller wildlife reserves, with nearly two-thirds of its area covered by the lake. It is incredibly scenic and diverse. The compact game viewing circuit through Manyara offers a virtual microcosm of the Tanzanian private safari experience.

Staying at: Endoro Lodge

Airport Arusha

Zfter this it was time to say goodbye and take the flight to Zanzibar. Images of idyllic, waving palm fronds, romantic cobbled stones and light turquoise blue water, white sandy beaches became reality


Zanzibar is the ultimate Indian Ocean experience, with its fascinating historic Stone Town and beautiful beaches.

Staying at: Bellevue

Things to do:


If you’re looking for a quiet white sand beach with a laid-back vibe, local village life, perfect sunrises, warm ocean water, a good scattering of places to eat and that feeling of being in paradise, Jambiani is the place to go.


The next village up the beach, here you’ll find a wider stretch of white sand, a smaller village, a lot of kitesurfing schools and a lot more foreigners.

Jozani Forest

About 15 minutes by Vespa away from Jambiani, this forest/national park is one of the last places in the world where you can encounter the red colobus monkeys

Explore charming Stone Town

The charm of the historical area of Stone Town can best be discovered on foot. Spend a morning or afternoon wandering through the narrow streets, taking in the old-world vibe. You will get lost, but don’t stress over it! Shop. Laugh. Enjoy.

Boat Safari

Safari Blue The Safari Blue Experience

  • Spend a magical day exploring the Menai Bay Conservation area in a traditional wooden dhow

  • Enjoy swimming & guided snorkeling in the beautiful clear waters – quality equipment provided

  • Watch dolphins at play

  • Feast on our delicious Swahili seafood barbecue followed by our gastronomic tropical fruit tasting

  • Price includes drinks and snacks throughout the day

  • Take a swim in the hidden mangrove lagoon

Sunset from our room


Explore the island on a Vespa motorbike

Exploring on a Vespa

Kids playing on the beach

Green Blue Indian ocean

Perched on a coral outcrop in the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, The Rock is arguably the most famous restaurant in Zanzibar. At low tide, you can wade to the restaurant through a few metres of shallow water, and at high tide, a small fishing boat takes diners to and from the shore. It is renowned for it’s extraordinary location and views, as well as it’s fabulous food and drinks.

The Rock restaurant Zanzibar

you can easy visit other hotels to take a look around


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