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Beach holiday on the Turkish Riviera

A holiday to the Turkish Riviéra is a joy for beach lovers. Lie down on one of the wide beaches, dive in the clear blue sea and enjoy the Turkish culture. Take a day trip to the Taurus Mountains, walk across the bazaar and see the history of the country up close. It is even possible to book an All-inclusive holiday to the Turkish Riviéra.

Breakfast Sunprime C Lounge

Staying at: Sunprime C Lounge adults only , located at the pearl of Mediterranean Alanya Sunprime C lounge is an all-inclusive adult only hotel with an indoor and outdoor pool, spa, fitness and its own beach with a wooden Jetty to relax with a cold breeze from the ocean

The hotel can easy be booked with TUI

Its a great place to just do nothing chill by the pool hang out at the beach enjoy the great breakfast.

Lunch and dinner with the All-inclusive formula, the standard of the food is really high and I will give it more then 4 stars also the staff is friendly and try to help you with everything you wish. Try a breakfast in bed and feel like a king.

just chill in the pool and relax at Sunprime C Lounge Alanya

Sunprime hotels are tailor-made for adults who go on holiday without children. To stay in a Sunprime hotel you must be at least 16 years old.

Panoramic view at Alanya

view from the wall at the old town of Alanya

Things to do in Alanya:

  1. Just do nothing

  2. Alanya castle and Red tower

  3. Cleopatra Beach

  4. Stay in an All inclusive hotel I think you’ll be shocked by how affordable hotels are here.

  5. Pirate Ship Cave Tour

  6. Sapadere Canyon Jeep Tour

  7. Standup Paddleboard

  8. Lunch at Dimcayi

Swimming pool hotel Sunprime C Lounge

There are many beaches along the Turkish south coast. Every year, tourists enjoy the popular resort of Alanya from a variety of beaches. The five most beautiful beaches of Alanya we put here for you in a row.


About the name of this vast beach of almost 3.5 kilometers, many stories do the rounds. Cleopatra would have received this beach as a gift from a loved one or she would have bathed here herself. It is, in any case, the most popular beach in Alanya and rightfully so. This beautiful beach consists of a mix of fine pebbles and sand. From the beach, you look out over a bright clear blue sea. You can swim safely in the sea, but be careful because the seabed is quite steep. There are sunbeds with umbrellas and you can order a snack and a drink from your lounger and enjoy it there. This beach is also called the 'Damlatas beach' after the nearby 'Damlatas dripstone cave'. Nice to know: this cave is open to visitors.


East Beach

To the east of the famous castle of Alanya lies the 'East beach'. This immediately explains the name of this stretch of pebbly sandy beach. The East beach is popular with families with young children because the sea gradually becomes deeper and does not end in one go. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be used on this beach.

This beach is also known as Keykubat Beach, after Sultan Allaadin Keykubat. Another name for this beach is the Begonville beach because of the Begonville shrubs that grow along the boulevard along which the beach runs.

Jetty pier Sunprime C Lounge

Beach of Incekum

With the dolmus-bus, you are in no time on the beach of Incekum. It is located about 25 kilometers outside of Alanya but is well worth a visit. The sand is soft and the seabed slowly drains into the deep blue and clear water.

wooden jetty in the blue ocean of Sunprime C Lounge

breakfast in bed

Ulas beach

Less crowded by tourists, but the more locals are Ulas beach. The beach is about 5 kilometers from the center of Alanya. It is quiet though the beach is equipped with amenities such as toilets and can even be barbecued.

Private beaches

Besides the well-known beaches described above, there are also many small private beaches along the coast of Alanya. These usually belong to a hotel and may only be used by guests of this hotel. The advantage of this is that it is quiet and that it is close to your hotel. As a guest of the hotel, you can make free use of all facilities. A nice change on the other beautiful beaches of Alanya.

Sunset at the beach of Sunpriime C Lounge

Castle Alanya by the sea


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