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Kas Antalya Turkey Guide

A guide with 8 things to do in Kas and where to stay

Kas where we stay at the beautiful Lycia hotel with its own swim pool and cozy colorful beach where you can relax and swim in the ocean. The rooms are big and have their own terrace with a view over the ocean a great place to spend the week and have dinner at night by moonlight.

Kaputas beach

Kas, the former Lycian Habesos, is situated in one of the most beautiful landscapes on the Mediterranean coast. The hotel Lycia is only a few minutes' drive from the center of Kaş and is easily accessible by the main road through the peninsula. The local minibus stops at the hotel every half hour. In the narrow streets of this ancient port city, you'll find many charming shops and excellent restaurants, cafes, and bars for every taste and every budget. Untouched by mass tourism, Kas retains its authentic character.

Kas is situated on a stunning rocky coast, featuring sand and pebble beaches. The turquoise blue sea is bathed in sunshine for eleven months of the year. The waters are exceptionally clean and the sea temperatures are generally over 20 degrees, from April until December.

Lycia Hotel Kas Turkey

Lycia Hotel beach Kas Turkey

Lycia Hotel Kas Turkey

Lycia Hotel Kas

Lycia hotel Kas Turkey

breakfast by the pool of Lycia Kas Turkey

Kas is a beautiful old small town. It offers beautiful beaches, great food, and narrow Streets Don’t forget to visit the picturesque Kaputas Beach. Whatever type of activity you enjoy, there is something to offer: paragliding, canoeing, sailing, mountain climbing, cycling, or hiking on the famous Lycian trail everyone can experience the stunning natural beauty in their own way.

If you one stay more budget we recommend hotel Cachet a small hotel with a swimming pool its own beach and a beautiful view over the ocean. So it has everything you wish for but more budget.

Hotel Cachet

Hotel Cachet Kas Turkey

Things to do in Kas:

1. Visit Kaputas beach

Kaputas Beach is a small beach between Kas and Kalkan it's one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey and can reach by stairs from the road, there is parking upstairs and a restaurant on the beach with, showers, toilets, umbrellas, and chairs for rent.

There are many tours go to Kapatus beach also there is a bus stop or go by yourself by motorbike or car from Kas area it's easy to reach just follow the road.

Kaputas Beach is a lovely sandy swimming cove nestled at the foot of a striking mountain gorge, about 10 minutes from Kalkan. This is the beach often pictured in travel brochures for Turkey, although it doesn't get as crowded as one would expect. The water is always a brilliant color of turquoise.

Kaputas Beach

Kaputas beach

2. Wandering around the old Streets of Kas

Walking around the old town during sunset and having a dinner or drink in the many restaurants is a beautiful way to spend the evening

Street view Kas Turkey

streets of Kas Turkey

Kas old center

Kas old center

3. Hike up the mountain for a spectacular view over the coastline of Kas

hike up the mountain for an incredible view all over the city. The hike itself starts at the main road and takes about 50/60-minutes. It is part of a much bigger hike route called the Lycian Way.

Kas rivera

4. Going on a day trip to the Greek island Kastellorizo (Greek Island of Meis)

Kastellorizo, otherwise known as Meis, is a Greek island just a short 30-minute trip from Kas, Turkey. (also called Megisti by the Greeks and Meis by Turkish people) is the easternmost Greek island and is only 2 km across the sea from Kas, about 30 minutes by ferry.

The ferry leaves from Kas harbor at 10.30 a.m. and returns from Kastellorizo at 4.00 p.m. The night before going you need to hand over your passports to the ferry company and they will fill out all the required documentation to enable you to travel from Turkey to Greece with no issues.

Upon arrival in Kastellorizo, we had to go through Customs, which didn't involve much except handing over the passports we were just given back on the boat and continuing through the tiny building and into Greece. Kastellorizo is only a tiny island, with about 500 permanent residents, so there's not too much to do. It looks very Greek with its white and brightly colored houses.

The harbor is the focal point of the island, with several restaurants and a couple of shops and hotels. The island is tiny at only six kilometers long and three kilometers wide

Kastellorizo, Meis island

Kastellorizo, Meis island

Kastellorizo, Meis island

Meis Island

5.Climb up the Amphitheater for Sunset

This place is located in the city center. A short-walk distance from many guesthouses. Easy to access. It's better to go there close to the sunset time so you can enjoy the view and watch the beautiful sunset from there.


6. Visit the many beaches around Kas

Kas has some interesting beaches with many quiet and pretty places to swim and relax, alongside some larger beaches. Facilities are generally good, with sun bed, sun umbrellas, and toilet facilities provided. Establishments do ask that no food and drink be brought in from outside, but they do provide both soft and alcoholic drinks, as well as a tempting menu of light lunches and snacks.

Kas has no sandy beaches but is home to some pebbly/shingle beaches, 'Little Pebble beach' and 'Big Pebble beach'.

In Kas center, is 'Little Pebble Beach'. This is a small white pebble beach, flanked by two beach clubs; Cinarlar and Derya which offer good swimming and snorkeling.

Around 1km from the center of Kas and a delightful walk East along the marina and waterfront is 'Big Pebble beach'. The beach is 200m wide set in a pleasant bay and has crystal clear waters with good snorkeling, sun beds, umbrellas, parking, and a small selection of cafes. The beach is shallow and usually calm, which makes it popular with families of locals and visitors.

Further out of Kas, About 1.5km on the peninsula road, is Incebogaz beach. Here are 2 small quiet beaches on either side of the road, with a small café serving food and drinks. The cafe side beach provides safe swimming in its sheltered waters and a beach is a great place for picnics.

3KM to the east of Kas in a sheltered bay, you will find the Limanagzi beach and its 4 beach clubs. Access to the beach is by boat, with a relaxing 20-minute ride (approx 10TL per person) or by foot (the path from Kas to Limanagzi is part of The Lycian Way). There are two small coves each with good waterside restaurants, sun beds, umbrellas, and safe swimming.

5 km west of Kas on the Kalkan road, you will find the Akcagerme beach club with a restaurant and bar. The shingle beach is just outside Kas Marina and facilities include sun beds and umbrellas (small charge) a swimming pontoon with protected safe swimming and a children's water park area with slides.

Limanagzi beach

Incebogaz beach

Akcagerme beach

7. Kekova Sunken City Ruins

Visit the Mediterranean resorts of Kas and Kalkan and it will instantly be obvious that every local travel agent is selling boat trips to the sunken ruins of Kekova. Facing the historical village of Simena (Kalekoy), the sunken ruins receive little attention from mainstream travel guides.

8. Go diving or snorkeling

Kas Marina

Lycian trail up to to top of the mountain


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