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Lifestyle photography on location “When I’m planning a trip, I usually scout places on Instagram.”

Swim pool Santorini

This photo was taken at a hotel in Santorini. In most Santorini pictures, you will see the whitewashed village with the Greek church. I shot that too, but clients can use this particular photo for multiple things, so it’s a good example of an outdoor stock photo.

· Samsung NX500 with Samsung lens 16-50 mm f/2-2,8 Setting F9 24mm 1/500 sec EV +1,3 and ISO 200

When I’m planning a trip, I usually scout places on Instagram. If I get an exact location, I search for the location or hashtag and save all the good photos I can find in an album. That way, I can always find them for inspiration later on. When you are shooting on someone’s property, you sometimes need permission. I always try to work under the radar as much as possible to avoid problems, and I try not to bring too much gear—just my small camera bag with all the necessary stuff and a small travel tripod.

When I think I need permission, I ask the staff. I never get any problems. One time, I shot a sunset from a hotel rooftop in Dubai, and the hotel manager explained that he loved photographing too and even showed me some photos on his phone. In the end, I think everyone loves good pictures. Sometimes, however, you are not allowed to bring a tripod or camera bag inside a location, so you have to manage your camera settings.

Most time I find my inspiration on social media like Instagram or Facebook there are so many good photographer`s there to follow, also I look in the travel magazine`s what are they looking for and I try to shoot what I like and mixed it up whit shoot what saleson the stock website.


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