The Most Beautiful Beaches in Phuket Thailand and where to stay

Surin Beach

As Thailand’s largest island, there’s no shortage of gorgeous coastlines, or perfect, unspoiled beaches to enjoy in Phuket. From the popular, party beaches with plenty of activities to the quiet, serene beaches that are almost empty. Sidenote, Patong has a nice beautiful white sandy beach and Kamala too with lots of hotels, bars, restaurants, and shops but I will focus on the more quiet beaches around Phuket with the vibes I loved, not the noise of bars and traffic, etc.

Banana beach Phuket

Banana Beach near Naithon beach Banana Beach in Phuket is a little hidden treasure. , the small Banana Beach is hiding from the crowd. It is still quiet. Considering that Banana Beach is pretty big with shallow clear blue waters, towering palm trees, and excellent sand quality, it is a mystery why it hasn’t been developed like the rest of the island. There is a small restaurant on the beach open during the high season and on weekends. Google Maps location https://goo.gl/maps/JuSsFHjCwmmM3Qs5A

Banana beach

Freedom Beach Freedom by name, freedom by nature. Despite being located in the boisterous district of Patong, Freedom Beach is far from what one might expect. A quiet, unspoiled beach, it’s much less accessible than the majority of beaches on the island as land access requires getting in touch with your adventurous side and trekking through a jungle, but is also reachable by boat. Google Maps https://g.page/svadbaphuket?share

Freedom Beach

Karon beach A favorite of many who come to Phuket, Karon Beach isn’t quite as popular as Patong, but there’s still plenty to do other than sunbathing here. The rocky area around the south of the beach is a top spot for snorkeling, but for those who prefer a more high-octane activity, it’s possible to rent jet skis on the beach too Whilst the sand might not be as soft as some beaches, the length of the beach means you won’t be short on space. The waves can get pretty wild during the rainy season, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop; nearby, there are a handful of bars that can easily provide an evening’s worth of entertainment whilst they might not match Patong. Google Maps Location https://goo.gl/maps/KmJqN5FzviWPuc689

Karon beach

Kata Beach At around 1.5km long, Kata Beach is big enough never to feel overly crowded and ensures you’ll always have ample space for a towel on the beach. Palm tree-lined with soft, white sand and plenty of places to eat and drink nearby, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular with tourists and locals. As well as activities such as surfing available, there are plenty of shops nearby to engage in retail therapy, plus resorts if you’re planning on staying a while. With lots of space and so much going on, it’s ideal for families or those who want a break from the more raucous beaches in the area. Google Maps Location https://goo.gl/maps/fUj3Pz8fUkW5YgLr6

Kata Beach

Surin Beach Surin Beach is one of Phuket's most beautiful and natural spots on the island. A beach that the late King Rama IX once visited in the 50s, it’s since become a playground for the rich and wealthy, with several high-class resorts and hotels nearby, as well as a golf course. It’s not hard to see why it’s so popular: soft, white sand gives way to a scenic row of palm trees, while the sea itself has both light and deeper blue tones. A word of caution — the sea here gets deeper than in other bays, so be careful if you’re planning on swimming. Other than that, it’s an extremely pleasant beach with some good restaurants and bars just a short walk away. Google Maps Location https://goo.gl/maps/dGpZSMHbmDMA4mg88

Surin Beach

Nai Harn Beach Located to the south of Phuket, Nai Harn is a small bay with powdery-soft sand and sea that changes from calm in the high season to strong currents in the low season, making it a popular spot for Phuket’s surfing and kiteboarding crowd. With much of the land owned by the Samnak Song Monastery, it’s avoided overdevelopment thus far, which makes a change from some of the more popular beaches on the island. Just behind the beach is a lake, where people come to fish and take a ride in swan-shaped pedalos, making for a pleasant change of scenery. Google Maps Location https://goo.gl/maps/9NiNTmFKAcS69T85A

Nai Harn Beach Phuket Thailand

Ao Sane Beach Another hidden nirvana, Ao Sane beach can be reached by driving or walking through the Nai Harn hotel on Nai Harn Beach. Perhaps the island's rockiest beach, Ao Sane is also one of its best "secrets." This beach is where you'll find the meaning of true tranquility. You won't be bombarded by hawkers selling their wares or have to suffer through the incessant whining of Jet Skis. Nor will you be able to rent a beach chair or bodyboard, but this lack of commerce is the beach's greatest perk.

The sand at Ao Sane is rougher than it is on other beaches in Phuket. It's also incredibly rocky, so don't plan on a game of volleyball. This idyllic spot does, however, rate as one of the best places to snorkel and dive on the island. Plus, it's lined by giant trees, which provide much-needed shade to help you cool off. Google maps Location https://goo.gl/maps/Tm629MxALmdub8n26

Ao Sane Beach

Ya Nui Beach What Ya Nui beach lacks in size, it more than makes up for in beauty. Just south of Nai Harn, it may only be 200m, but the size isn’t everything. Rather than views of resorts, it features the view of nearby Koh Keyao Noi island and has dramatic rocky outcrops set alongside the cerulean sea that look ready-made for photographs. In terms of activities, body-boarding is popular here, as is snorkeling, with some of the best snorkeling to be found out by Koh Keyao Noi, which is only a short kayak away. Google Maps Location https://goo.gl/maps/hjX9aMExhQoqvAT56

Ya Nui Beach

Naihton beach The best way to describe Nai Thon is as the place you come to after you have ‘done’ Patong and Kata. Not flashy, indeed even a little comfortably ramshackle, but oh so quiet once you get out of high season. With beachside street food and juice vendors, simple Thai restaurants, pizza, and cold beers life can be very easy at Nai Thon. The beach is typical of the medium-sized bay beaches; ~1000m in length bookended by rocky points. The water is typically calm in the high season and as such is one of the best beaches in Phuket for family excursions. Google Maps Location https://goo.gl/maps/qap8tBx56Qv88TsL9

Naihton beach

Bangtao beach Almost four miles long, Bangtao Beach boasts the longest shoreline on the island. It’s strategically located halfway between Phuket airport and Patong Beach. Wide, quiet, and upscale, Bangtao is where beach bums wary of crowds head to if they’re overwhelmed by Patong. There are several hotels and beach clubs fronting the sea too, so if you were looking for a relaxing beachfront stay, Bangtao is the place to be. Google Maps Location https://goo.gl/maps/MuwWbinquaPNvKcb6

Where to Stay

Le Meridien in Phuket

One of the best beaches you can find around Phuket. Le Meridien is a beautiful hotel perfectly built in a bay with a great white sandy beach great for snorkeling, surfing, or just relaxing by the pool. On the first days, we had some rain but on the last days the sun was shining and you can see the white sand and blue ocean popping up beautiful this is why it's one of the best beaches around Phuket. More about Le Meridien

Le Meridien in Phuket


wonderful hotel away from all the hustle and bustle. It's so peaceful with on one side the mountains and a green jungle and on the other side, the beach which is a popular spot for surfers. The Northwest of Phuket has some fine beaches where you can get away from the crowds. The Naithonburi is small and neat, not very expensive, but has facilities a nice pool, a gym, and Naithon beach just outside! There's a pool bar and a restaurant, one of only a few along the beach.More about Nathonburi


Thavorn Beach Village & Spa

One of the best places to stay in Phuket. The hotel has so many activities to do and is near Patong and Kamala. We stayed at the beach villas and loved it so much. Awake here and seeing the white beach and blue ocean is just if you awake in a dream. More about Thavorn Beach Village

Thavorn Beach Village & Spa

Amatara is a Phuket wellness resort that gives visitors the best of both worlds and peaceful relaxation with easy access to all areas of Phuket without being a boat ride away. Amatara is a Phuket wellness resort is on the southeast corner of the island, away from the popular party areas, such as Patong Beach, more on the mid-northwest part of the island. It would take about 45 minutes to get to these more popular Phuket destinations. More about Amatara


Westin Siray Bay Resort

Build on a hill in the most Southern part of Phuket near Phuket Town and the ferry to Phi Phi or other Island near looking out over the beautiful ocean of Siray Bay. Once there, we were greeted by a very friendly staff. Our luggage was shuttled up to our room while we hopped onto a golf cart-like vehicle to take us to our room. It is a hilly area with lots of steps but we certainly enjoyed going up and down the landscape and enjoying the views. More about the Westin Siray

Westin Siray Bay Resort

Thavorn Palm Beach

Imagine a place where you are taken through a paradise of nature. Where time slows down, as you walk through this oasis of beauty, butterflies flutter beside you, cute rabbits hop about, and the ambient sound of birds fills the sky. This is the experience you begin to feel at the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort in the Karon district of Phuket. Truly as their slogan says, it is where Thai tradition meets nature. More about Thavorn palm beach

Thavorn Palm Beach

Marriot Resort Nai Yang

The resort is beautifully modern designed in a tropical garden with rooms at the pool and beautiful villas on the beach with their own plunge pool, all a few steps from the beach. The beach is great for long walks and when the water is low you can also walk to a small hidden Island just around the corner of the resort. More about Marriot resort Nai Yang

Marriot Resort Nai Yang

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